Foot care 

  • Nourishing Foot Creamis extremely rich in nourishing components, it instantly restores skin elasticity and eases fatigue feeling after a long day.

  • Softening Foot Scrubis based on natural bio-components. It actively cleanses intensively nourishes and moisturizes foot skin, keeping it soft for a long time.

  • Softening foot scrub with Kamchatka wild plants natural extracts and oils effectively cleanses and revitalizes your feet. It has stimulating and regenerating effects making feet softer and smoother. It also mitigates fatigue.Sea saltperfectly cleanses and polishes skin, stimulates regeneration processes to make skin soft and velvety.Organic ginseng...

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    Nourishing Foot cream, rich in vital components, fills skin with vitamins and microelements while smoothing and restoring it.Organic amaranth oilhas a special super active formula of vitamin E which intensively moisturizes and protects your feet.Organicdwarf pinecontains amino acids, E and F vitamins thanks to which it deeply nourishes and smoothes...