Special treatments 

  • Deer antlers extract combined with honey and oils of wild plants in Siberia - a very powerful tool, having a unique tonic and tonic effect, analogues that do not exist. For years, the secret of its preparation kept strictly inhabitants of Altai.

  • Soft body lotion, rich Siberian flax oil, softens and soothes the skin, making it supple and healthy. Rich Siberian cedar oil, natural concentrate of vitamin E lotion moisturizes skin, leaving it softer and more elastic, slows and prevents the aging process. Oregano improves blood circulation and improves skin tone. Blue mallow extract stimulates the...

  • Coniferous bath, cooked according to the ancient recipe of Siberia, improves sleep, relieves fatigue and great refreshment after a long day, transforming the bath procedure for adoption at this spa-ritual.