Body care 

  • Easy melting texture aqua-gel perfectly moisturizes the skin, making it soft, smooth and velvety thanks to the rose water, extracts Sievers icy, snowy tsetrarii and vitamin B5, within its framework. Great flavor aqua-gel will give your skin a sensual fragrance.

  • Light texture balm for the body pleasantly refreshes and moisturizes the skin deeply, giving it a silky, smooth and natural softness thanks to the extracts of the Amur velvet leaf and green currant, gooseberry juice, lemon balm essential oil, and vitamin C, within its structure.

  • Body thick oil instantly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, improves the regeneration of cells, renews the cellular structure due to oil Atlas cedar, almond, clary sage and succinic acid, included in its composition. Give your skin a luxurious flavor and excellent smoothness.

  • Rich body cream enriches the skin with nutrients, restores skin elasticity and visibly rejuvenates its structure due to maximum concentration of active ingredients, such as: juice cranberries, sweet clover honey, lingonberry butter, butter northern cloudberry, lungwort, flower wax and vitamin E. The daily application of a cream body will give your skin...

  • Incredible tenderness, firmness and softness of your skin to give a rich body cream-based juices blueberries and blueberry, organic evening primrose oil, extract Altai honeysuckle and D-panthenol.

  • Air texture gentle body cream-veil nourishes the skin with nutrients, regenerates its structure, giving it elasticity, smoothness and a healthy glow because of organic sea buckthorn oil, juice, red currant, lemongrass extracts Nanai and oxalis Yakut its member.

  • Effective cream-lifting contributes smoothness, elasticity, and elasticity of the skin and strengthens its tone, thanks to oil north of raspberry, cranberry seeds and wild black mint extract of Siberian mountain ash, and hyaluronic acid to its member.