Natura Siberica Biberika Baby Toothpaste "Forest Berry" 50ml


Baby toothpaste "Forest berry"
The organic Extract northern forest cranberries, cranberry Extract and butter cloudberry
Your baby needs quivering care and tender care! Give him all the best that nature gives us. Children's toothpaste with a pleasant taste of wild berries like your baby and help inculcate the habit of regularly brushing teeth. Due to its special formula, it gently cleanses without damaging the enamel structure, effectively preventing the occurrence of caries. Natural components that make up the paste, do not harm the child's body if accidentally swallowed. The organic Extract northern forest cranberries provides reliable prevention of oral diseases. The organic cranberry Extract has anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the tooth enamel. Organic cloudberry Oil is a source of vitamins and minerals prevents the development of caries and plaque formation.