Natura Siberica White Night Body Cream 200ml


Bleaching Night Cream For Body
Due to its high concentration of vitamin C Amur cranberries deeply moisturizes the skin, prevents it from fading, has a strong tonic effect, and gives it elasticity.
WH Geranium deeply nourishes the skin, helps its regeneration, rejuvenates and strengthens.
Amaranth enhances the whitening effect, deeply nourishes, gives tenderness and softness of the skin.
SabiWhite- patented natural active Extract of turmeric root, has confirmed lightening properties:
Visually lightens hyperpigmentation;
Lightens / removes freckles, acne and other skin imperfections;
Visibly lightens skin tone;
Significantly improves the elasticity of the skin;
Deeply nourishes the skin, giving it radiance and even tone
0% mineral Oils
0% BHT / BHA 0% Parabens
0% PEG 0% silicone

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