Natura Siberica White Exfoliant Body Scrub 200ml


Bleaching Scrub Exfoliant Body
Due to its high concentration of vitamin C Amur cranberries deeply moisturizes the skin, prevents it from fading, has a strong tonic effect, and gives it elasticity.
WH snakefly nourishes, moisturizes and promotes skin renewal.
Arctic wormwood has a tonic effect, stimulates blood circulation and metabolic processes, smoothes and firms the skin.
Angelica gives elasticity, tone, stimulate skin renewal. Thanks to Oil, vitamins and tannins, it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
AHA / BHA provide gentle exfoliating action and stimulate collagen production. With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, they moisturize the skin, increasing its elasticity.
0% mineral Oils
0% BHT / BHA 0% Parabens
0% PEG 0% silicone

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