Botanika Celandine natural fatty oil Chelidonium majus 30ml
  • Botanika Celandine natural fatty oil Chelidonium majus 30ml

Botanika Celandine natural fatty oil Chelidonium majus 30ml

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Chelidonium majus oil 100% natural fatty oil (Celandine) obtained by the extraction method
Main food (contains omega 6)
Celandine oil is obtained from the above-ground part of the plant of the same name, common in Russia, Europe and America. The oil contains alkaloids, carotene, vitamin C, saponins, flavonoids, bitterness, organic acids (malic, citric and succinic) and resinous substances.
It is a great natural tool for cleansing problem skin.
Helps to cope with acne, acne, suppresses inflammatory processes
Lightens age spots, relieves redness, irritation, peeling of the skin, the appearance of allergic reactions
It is recommended for boils, eczema, herpes, warts
Provides deep nutrition to the skin, improving its smoothness and elasticity.
Fights early wrinkles and cares for fading skin
Suitable for delicate care for delicate baby skin
Prevents hair breakage and improves overall condition.
It is used for seborrhea and dandruff
Recommendations for use:
Vegetable oil can be used in pure form, mixed with other vegetable oils or act as a basis for essential oils.
Cosmetics enrichment
10 ml (2 tsp) of cosmetic product or 100 ml of shampoo or balm - up to 10 drops of vegetable oil.
Face masks
Apply to face through the massage lines. The procedure time is 15-20 minutes.
Facial cleansing
Dampen a cotton pad with hot water, squeeze, apply fatty oil on it, wipe the skin with a cotton pad along massage lines.
Face and body massage
The oil is used to directly massage the body, including the face, neck and decollete.
The proportion of enrichment of the base oil with essential oil:
5 ml (1 teaspoon) of base oil - 3-5 drops of essential oil
30 ml of base oil - 12-30 drops of essential oil
50 ml of base oil - 30-50 drops of essential oil

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