MIXIT 3D Lift MesoGel 50ml

MIXIT 3D Lift MesoGel 50ml

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Rejuvenating facial gel with an incredible lifting effect.

How does it work:
the dipeptide complex SYN®-AKE relaxes muscle clamps, instantly eliminates mimic wrinkles and creases, tightening the oval of the face;
hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes the skin and retains moisture in the epidermis for a long time, smoothing wrinkles of any type;
vitamin E promotes regeneration, evens out complexion and prevents rosacea;
kelp extract has anti-inflammatory properties, actively fights rashes and black spots;
succinic acid removes toxins, starts cellular metabolism, thereby refreshing the color and evening out the tone of the face.
deep skin hydration;
instant elimination of mimic wrinkles without injections;
beautiful and even tone of the face;
noticeable reduction in rashes and blackheads;
effective elimination of post-acne and scars;
reliable protection against rosacea and spider veins;
incredible lifting effect.

Ingredients: Water, kelp plant extract, hydroxyethylcarbamide, glycerin, hyaluronic acid (high molecular weight), SYN®-AKE anti-wrinkle dipeptide complex, allantoin, benzyl alcohol, ethylhexylglycerin, vitamin E, acrylic copolymers, succinic acid, disodium EDTA, sodium hydroxide, perfume composition


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