BioBeauty Lady Royal Ideal Skin Cream 50ml

BioBeauty Lady Royal Ideal Skin Cream 50ml

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Ingredients: gel base, distilled water, oils: soybean, jojoba, apricot; lanolin, aquatic extracts of licorice, chamomile and honeysuckle salmon, cosmetic lavitol, xanthan gum, emulsifier, trepang extract, tocopherol acetate, aloe extract, ascorbic acid, beta-cyclodextrin, betaine, lecigel, perfume, lemon essential oil, essential oil of nutmeg, essential oil of bergamot, zinc sulfate, germal plus liquid.
Active components:extracts: trepanga, aloe, licorice, chamomile, saltwort hill; dihydroquercetin, vitamins: E, C; betaine, essential oils: lemon, nutmeg, bergamot; microelements: Zn, Na
Skin Type
Oily skin
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