Agafia's Black Soap for cleaning 1000ml
  • Agafia's Black Soap for cleaning 1000ml

Agafia's Black Soap for cleaning 1000ml

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Soap is created on the basis of all the beloved and trusted consumers of "Black Soap" specifically for safe and effective cleaning. When cooking this soap, only natural ingredients are used, without the addition of harmful and dangerous to human health chemicals, and the concentration of fatty acids is 72%. Black kitchen soap Agafia delicately cleans and updates any surface, all types of floors and plumbing. Forms abundant foam, ideal for hand washing
Ingredients: Purified water, <10%: anionic surfactant, non-ionic surfactant, Oils: cedar, Daurian soy, fir, sea buckthorn, juniper, amaranth, hips, burdock, linseed, stone, infusions: sage, celandine, lemon balm, yarrow, nettle, Extracts: Siberian larch, fescue Altai, bearberry, elecampane, Siberian pine, pine greens, cones of black alder, golden root, oak moss, snow, Siberian shiksha, white and red soap root, Siberian siberian, cladonia snow, root alteja, chagi, maralgo root, Extraction of Siberian larch, preservative cathon, perfume composition.

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