Natura Siberica Exclusive Traditional Siberian Cedar Hair Balm 250ml

Natura Siberica Exclusive Traditional Siberian Cedar Hair Balm 250ml / 8.45oz

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Traditional Siberian Cedar Balsam Hair
Smoothness and Shine
Traditional Siberian cedar hair conditioner will strengthen, smooth and shine your hair. Organic Oil of Siberian cedar, which is a part due to vitamin E and A, deeply nourishes the hair, making it smooth and elastic. Flax Oil envelops hair surface protective layer, making them more dense and obedient. Juniper Oil, rich in vitamin C and E, restores the structure of hair, giving them shine. Burdock Oil strengthens the hair and stimulates their growth. Cedar jelly has conditioning effect, moisturizes the hair, facilitates combing process. As a result of applying the balm of your hair smoothed, shining beauty
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