Natura Siberica Flora Siberica Hair Mask Spiraea Ulmaria 200ml

Natura Siberica Flora Siberica Hair Mask Spiraea Ulmaria 200ml / 6.76oz

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Mask for hair "Smooth and docile" effectively smooths and smooths the structure of the hair, making them obedient and elastic. After the first application, the hair becomes incredibly soft and shiny.
Spiraea Siberian is considered a universal remedy for beauty, thanks to the high content of essential Oils and vitamin C. It promotes the effective restoration of the structure of the hair, returning them smoothness and elasticity.
How to use: Apply the required amount of mask to damp hair, leave for 5-7 minutes, rinse with water
Volume: 200 ml.
Hair Type
Naughty & Curly hair
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