Kuznetsov's Tibetan Applicator 41x60cm
  • Kuznetsov's Tibetan Applicator 41x60cm

Kuznetsov's Tibetan Applicator 41x60cm soft substrate 2cm Red with Magnetic inserts

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yellow - for intense exposure, magnetic;
green - for sensitive skin;
blue - for intense exposure;
red - for sensitive skin, magnetic

Large modern needle applicator. Able to have a powerful therapeutic and prophylactic effect. Also ideal for relaxation (relaxation) or tone. With it, it is very convenient and effective to affect most areas: back, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, feet.

2 cm thick soft backing

Red piercing elements have less sharp needles.

Special magnetic inserts with a magnetic field strength of 3-8 mlTc enhance the therapeutic effect due to the additional effect of a constant magnetic field

The needles have a double tip in accordance with the ancient Chinese method of needle massage "Plum Flower". The double edge prevents deep penetration of needles into the skin, makes the treatment procedure more comfortable and effective

The piercing elements are made of high-quality polymer material and firmly fixed on the fabric with the help of thermal soldering

Encyclopedia of needle massage as a gift

Superior appearance and workmanship (linen / cotton fabric), comfortable cardboard suitcase

This needle massager is effective in the following cases:
To relieve pain in lower back pain, thoracic and cervical spine
With vegetative-vascular dystonia
For relaxation
To increase the tone
In the complex treatment of cellulite
For insomnia
For the prevention of diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle
To reduce meteor dependence
To relieve premenstrual syndrome
To relieve menopausal syndrome
With chronic prostatitis and erectile dysfunction
With flat feet
For therapy in Zakharyin-Ged zones

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