Valentin Dikul Body balm Bear balm 100ml
  • Valentin Dikul Body balm Bear balm 100ml

Valentin Dikul Body balm Bear balm 100ml

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Water; cetearyl alcohol; bear fat; raw bee venom; essential oil of cloves; eucalyptus essential oil; sunflower oil; vaseline oil; waxemulsion nimesulide; formic acid; cinnamon extract; glucosamine hydrochloride; boswellia extract; juniper extract; alfalfa extract (herb); Hypericum extract; willow extract (bark); pepper extract; Biostimulating complex "Vitamins of group B"; Biostimulating complex "Microcapsule penetrants"; antioxidant grindoks; emulgin B; propylene glycol; glycerol; DMP microcar; Kutina GMS; Dimethicone M; cyclomethicone DC; Cato CG.

pharmachologic effect
Bear fat - a substance unique in its composition, its high nutritional value and biological activity allow bears to go through difficult winter months in hibernation without food and water. At least the fact that a bear's body after a long - up to 5-6 months, hibernation retains almost 90% of all proteins and does not lack calcium, iron, other minerals, and vitamins testifies to the high biological value of bear fat. The composition of bear fat includes: -amino acids and nucleic acids, with many essential and easily absorbed by the human body; - three terpene glycosides and other biologically active substances; -vitamins-groups A, B, E; - polyunsaturated fatty acids - omega-3, omega-6, omega-9; - micro and macro elements - iron, calcium, copper and much more. Of particular importance in the treatment of diseases of the joints are included in the composition of bear fat cytamines. which affect the cells, improving the metabolism in them, activating the renewal and helping the cells absorb the nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of the joints. Panaxoside bear fat stimulates the synthesis of nitric oxide, which is necessary to stabilize the hormonal balance in the body. Also, these substances activate the immune system, allowing the body to quickly adapt to weather changes or excessive physical exertion. Formic acid (Formic acid) has a very high ability to penetrate into tissues, enhances local blood circulation, has a warming, distracting, local anesthetic, anti-inflammatory effect, improves tissue metabolism. Influencing the nerve endings of the skin and muscle tissue, causes reflex reactions, accompanied by the formation and release of encephalitis and neuropeptides that reduce pain. Contains a large number of organic components of zinc, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating action. Bee venom is a product of the secretory activity of the poisonous glands of honeybees, a highly effective natural remedy. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates local blood flow, has a warming and absorbing effect. The complex of extracts of medicinal plants, based on the principle of synergism, helps to reduce inflammation, activates the reparative processes in tissues, has antioxidant, analgesic and muscle relaxant (relaxing muscles) action.


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