Minoxidil sulfate powder 200g 99% purity
  • Minoxidil sulfate powder 200g 99% purity
  • Minoxidil sulfate powder 200g 99% purity

Minoxidil sulfate powder 200g 99% purity

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1.What is Minoxidil? 

Minoxidil was the first drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (hair loss).Minoxidil is a vasodilator medication known for its ability to slow or stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth. It is available over the counter for treatment of androgenic alopecia, among other baldness treatments,but measurable changes disappear within months after discontinuation of treatment. Its effectiveness has largely been demonstrated in younger men (18 to 41 years of age), the younger the better, and in those with balding in the central (vertex) portion of the scalp.


Minoxidil can used for refractory hypertension and renal hypertension, the antihypertensive effects of hydralazine stronger than that.Mechanism for the K + channel opening, so that vascular smooth muscle. it Is a vasodilator antihypertensive drug classes.Does not cause orthostatic hypotension, no long-term efficacy of medication .Minoxidil was the first drug approved by the FDA

for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (hair loss). Before that, minoxidil had been used as vasodilator drug prescribed as oral tablet to treat high blood pressure that included hair growth and reversal of male baldness.


1. Applied in the field of pharmaceuticals, Minoxidi can make hair follicles have vitality, hair more healthy growth.

2. Applied in the field of cosmetics, Minoxidi can make hair follicles have vitality, hair more healthy growth.

4. kinds of operation instructions

Instructions(一) :
you could add 5g vinegar in 2g minoxidil , the total daily amount must not exceed 2g,
For the treatment of hair loss and alopecia areata,This is soluble in alcohol. Instructions(二) :

Making 5% Minoxidil Solution 300ml at home, it is suggested that the use of the solution is not more than half a year, because the conditions are limited and no stable components are added, so the shelf life is shorter. It is not recommended to produce higher concentration of solution. Higher concentration of solution can not make the effect better, and can not reduce the frequency of use. (This method is for reference only. Please use it carefully according to your physical condition.)

1. Alcohol, propylene glycol, minoxidil raw material, one or two measuring cups, one electronic weighing.
2. weighing 15g minoxidil.5% solution minoxidil content is 50mg/ml, 300ml should be weighed 15g.
3. 90ml 30% propanediol is poured into a measuring cup. The lowest can be added to 10% propanediol. 
4, Pour the 180ml 75% of the medical alcohol into the measuring cup and stir for 1-2 minutes, so that the propylene glycol and alcohol are fully dissolved, and the mixed solvent is obtained.
5. Pour the 15g minoxidil into the mixed solvent. If the solution does not reach the 300ml scale, add some alcohol to 300ml.
6. Stir for 3-5 minutes until minoxidil is fully dissolved and transparent. If it is made in winter or under low temperature, it is best to prepare a pot of hot water, and put the cup of solution in the hot water for 2-3 minutes, which will accelerate dissolution.
7. The prepared solution should be light yellow transparent liquid. If the color is too cold, then the ratio of propylene glycol should be increased appropriately, or the moisture content should be reduced to prevent minoxidil from precipitation.
Preservation And Use:
The use of self-made solution is the same as brand medicine, 1-2 times a day, the total daily volume is no more than 2ml.
The self-made solution should be sealed in a cool environment. Due to the limitation of the production environment and conditions, the shelf life of the homemade solution is relatively short. It is recommended that the dosage should not exceed half a year or shorter.
Compared with brand medicine, the effect of self-made solution is very small, negligible, and the risk may be higher. Some people use minoxidil for a long time to have mild contact dermatitis or other skin inflammation. It is suggested that a small amount of ethacridine lactate be added to the prepared solution to prevent or prolong the shelf life

Data sheet

Purposes of Application
Anti Hair Loss
Purposes of Application
Hair growth stimulation

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