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HAYATPRIMEOIL Fish oil with 90% concentration of Omega-3 HALAL 60capsules

HAYATPRIMEOIL Fish oil with 90% concentration of Omega-3 HALAL 60capsules

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10 WHY in favor of Omega 3 HPO!
1. We have 90% concentration of Omega 3 acids in fish oil. Ordinary ones have only 20-30%.
2. In a daily dose of Omega 3 HPO (2 capsules) - about 1650 mg of EPA + DHA, which is a high-quality working dosage.
3. Our Omega 3 is suitable for pregnant and lactating women!
4.We are completely transparent. Unlike others, we openly publish detailed analyzes of the state. RAMS laboratories on our website. You know exactly what you are taking!
5.Our quality is confirmed by international GMP+BRC certificates.
6. We have hundreds of times better indicators for traces of heavy metals than permitted by GOST. This is the result of high-quality molecular purification.
7. We have fish oil. This means that our fish oil comes from wild fish carcasses (anchovies) and not from liver. After all, it is in the liver that toxins and heavy metals are concentrated.
8. Form Omega 3 HPO - triglycerides for better absorption in the body. 9.Our capsules are made from Halal fish gelatin.
10. We have a 100% natural product. Without GMOs, gluten, chemical additives.
The composition of the capsules (based on one capsule): fish oil concentrate (1000 mg), fish gelatin (258 mg), glycerin (103 mg), purified water (31 mg), vitamin E in the form of D-alpha tocopherol (2 mg).
On the label, we formally say 750mg EPA + DHA per 1000mg r fat. In fact, in one of our capsules = per 1000 mg of fish oil, we have 900 mg of Omega-3. Of these: EPA-555mg, DHA-272mg, DPA - 47.4mg, ALA -26.2mg. That is, for an adult daily dose of 2 capsules, there are 1110mg EPA + 544mg DHA. A significant portion of DPA is also capable of converting to EPA/DHA = adding this valuable dosage as a bonus; ALA to an extremely small extent - it can be ignored.

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