BioBeauty Mix-mineral face gel for deep cleansing 150ml
  • BioBeauty Mix-mineral face gel for deep cleansing 150ml

BioBeauty Mix-mineral face gel for deep cleansing 150ml

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Combining the advantages of dry cleaning - the ability, like a vacuum cleaner, to collect dust from the surface of the skin, dirt, decorative cosmetics, sebum, it can draw dirt from the deep layers of the skin and make a light, non-traumatic peeling.
With regular use, MIX-MINERAL GEL normalizes sebum separation, moisturizes the skin, narrows the pores, eliminates acne and black spots, and smooths the skin.
It is used as an independent means for washing and as a cleansing preparation before cosmetic procedures, enhancing the action of masks, creams, ointments.
Mode of application:
Take the necessary amount of the drug (about 2 ml, or 2.5 grams - this corresponds to 2 peas), apply to the damp skin of the face.
MIX-MINERAL GEL has a delicate texture of silky gel, well applied to the skin and easily spreads over its surface.
If the face has decorative cosmetics, then you can leave it - the gel will remove it, but the effectiveness of its effects will decrease. Therefore, it is better to wash off makeup with cosmetic milk.
Exposure time:
with daily washing - 30-60 seconds (in the morning and / or in the evening), before cosmetic procedures - masks, creams, ointments, - 1-2 minutes.
Can be used for the skin around the eyes, neck and d?collet?. Wash off with warm water.
Ingredients:  distilled water, modified natural zeolite enriched with silver and copper ions, bentonite, sea salt, salt, Kaolin, Dead sea salt, lacustrine, silicon oxide, sodium alginate, potassium sulfate, zinc sulfate, magnesium, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

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