Greenflash Collagen Formula NL Skin Hair Nail Bone Joint Health 20sticks x 9.5g
  • Greenflash Collagen Formula NL Skin Hair Nail Bone Joint Health 20sticks x 9.5g

Greenflash Collagen Formula NL Skin Hair Nail Bone Joint Health 20sticks x 9.5g

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Collagen Formula combines three powerful elements that are necessary for maintaining beauty and youth: natural protein-collagen, organic sulfur and acerola. These active components are embedded in damaged areas of skin, hair and nails, significantly improving their condition and providing a powerful regenerating effect, as well as helping to maintain muscle elasticity, provide the necessary nutrition for joints, cartilage and bone tissue.

It is recommended to consult a doctor before use.

Not a medicine

20 sticks of 9.5 g

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Thanks to the complex action of three components Collagen Formula:

Provides the body with the basic building blocks necessary for the regeneration of skin, hair and nails.
Nourishes and restores cartilage and bone tissue.
Supplies necessary elements for the nutrition of the heart muscle and maintain the elasticity of blood vessels.
We use hydrolyzed animal collagen GELCO In Collagen Formula. GELCO is on a leading position in the production of collagen in the world. It has a B. S. E.-free certificate, as well as Halal, Kosher, ISO, HACCP certificates.


Greenflash Collagen Formula collagen contains:

lysine - 4.34 g, phenylalanine - 0.87 g, leucine - 2, 18 g, isoleucine - 1.73 g, cystine - 0.0001 g, methionine - 0.43 g, valine - 2, 01 g, tyrosine - 0.43 g, Proline - 12.79 g, alanine - 7.55 g, threonine - 3.2 g, arginine - 9.55 g, histidine - 0.49 g, glycine - 21.66 g, serine - 4.21 g, glutamic acid - 10.33 g, aspartic acid - 5.87 g, hyproxyproline - 11.77 g.

In one portion:

Collagen 5000 mg
Sulfur (methylsulfonylmethane) 250 mg
Vitamin C 30 mg
Taking 2 servings a day provides:
Vitamin C – 60 mg – 100% from recommended daily intake
Glycine – 1.8 g – 52% from recommended daily intake
Proline – 1 g – 22% from recommended daily intake

Gidroksiprolin is an unique amino acid which is present in collagen in large quantities but there's almost nowhere in nature does not occur.

The Gelco collagen we use is mainly type I collagen.
Collagen Type I is a major part of our body's tissues and is a basic component of skin, joints, ligaments and tendons, and bone tissue. The lack of type I collagen leads to a violation of the water balance of the skin, its sagging and aging (including premature), problems with the joints (up to destruction), weakness of ligaments and tendons, and osteogenesis disorders (reducing the ability of bone tissue to regenerate).

Moreover the Gelco collagen we use contains fragments of type III collagen, which is typical for well-stretched connective tissues. This is important, for example, to maintain the strength and elasticity of blood vessels.

Ultra-modern science-intensive formulas are the result of the latest scientific achievements in the field of the impact of biologically active substances on the body's systems.
The complexes are based on natural components for the body with a high degree of digestibility (vitamin-containing extracts, natural juices, essential oil components), supplemented with highly targeted active substances for the most effective support of a specific system of the body.
High-tech gentle methods of processing active components for maximum preservation of useful substances.
All formulas are nl's own development.
Ingredients: hydrolyzed collagen, fructose, dry cherry juice, dry beet juice, maltodextrin, flavor identical to natural "cherry", methylsulfonylmethane, acerola extract, citric acid, vitamin C.

Take 1-2 servings per day for adults with meals. The duration of the reception is 10-20 days.
Method of preparation: dilute 1 serving (1 stick) in 100 ml of water at room temperature. Use immediately after cooking.
Contraindications: individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, breast-feeding.
Recommended use: best taken with a meal. When the body receives amino acids that are predominant in the composition of collagen, collagen synthesis is facilitated by the body and its bioavailability increases with food. The reception time (morning/evening) does not matter.


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