Natura Siberica Natura Kamchatka Hair Balm "Brilliant Snow" 280ml


Hair Balm "Snow diamond"
Effective hair volume and fluffiness
On the basis of white snowdrop Kamchatka and Siberia Edelweiss
Kamchatsky snowdrop has astonishing vitality and energy. This amazing plant all year accumulates nutrients to bloom in early spring. Due to the high concentration of plant polysaccharides - 3 times more than in the sugar trostnike- Kamchatka snowdrop is resistant to frost and can grow even under the snow. The complex polysaccharides creates a protective film, retaining moisture within the hair shaft, protecting it from drying out and brittleness.
Siberian edelweiss, absorbing the full force of the mineral-rich volcanic sOil, has an active stimulation of hair growth property and the fight against hair loss. As a result, the hair density and acquire a luxurious volume.
Ultralight formula without SLS, parabens and silicone does not weigh down hair.

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