Natura Siberica Wild 16in1 Siberian cream Hunter 100ml



Extra protection for face and body for men according to the original shaman recipe Choigan Uday

Siberian Cream Hunter - a universal all-weather cream for all occasions, in which we managed to preserve the healing power of wild Siberian herbs.

One cream solves 16 problems:
- Restores the skin after frost
- Soothes skin
- Prevents irritation
- Promotes skin regeneration
- Eliminates peeling and dry skin
- Neutralizes redness
- Intensively nourishes
- Restores elasticity and tone
- Saturates vitamins
- Softens skin after frost
- Maintains moisture balance
- Stimulates the protective functions of the skin
- Gives the skin a healthy color
- Protects the skin from UV rays
- Prevents the appearance of age spots

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