Natura Siberica Wild 16in1 Siberian cream Arctic 100ml



After shave cream for men according to the original shaman recipe Choigan Uday

Siberian Shaving Arctic Cream, in which we managed to preserve the healing power of wild Siberian herbs, provides effective skin care and protection, instantly soothes the skin after shaving.

One cream solves 16 problems:
- Protects from sun, frost and wind
- Restores the skin after frost
- Soothes skin
- Prevents irritation
- Promotes skin regeneration
- Gives the skin a healthy look
- Eliminates peeling and dry skin
- Neutralizes redness
- Intensively nourishes
- Restores elasticity and tone
- Saturates vitamins
- Softens skin after frost
- Maintains moisture balance
- Stimulates the protective functions of the skin
- Gives the skin a healthy color
- Protects the skin from UV rays