Natura Siberica Natura Kamchatka Natural Toothpaste for sensitive teeth 100ml

Natura Siberica Natura Kamchatka Natural Toothpaste for sensitive teeth 100ml

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Natural Kamchatsky Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth
On mineral complex Sinegorsk sources
Natural components of Kamchatka natural toothpaste to effectively restore the enamel, reducing its sensitivity. Due to the safe composition, the paste gently whitens the tooth enamel without damaging it.
Organic Kamchatka algae due to its high iodine content, help to strengthen gums and prevent the formation of bacteria in the mouth.
Sea minerals effectively strengthen and restore the surface of the tooth enamel, reducing its sensitivity.
Kuril magnolia has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the gums.
Pink pearls Extract is rich in minerals and trace elements that restore tooth enamel, preventing its thinning.
Organic green tea Extract has a powerful antiseptic and effectively take care of the health of the gums.
Soft polishing complex gently cleanses the tooth enamel, helping to maintain the natural whiteness.

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