Natura Siberica Natura Kamchatka Natural Toothpaste Healthy teeth and gums 100ml

Natura Siberica Natura Kamchatka Natural Toothpaste Healthy teeth and gums 100ml

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Natural Kamchatsky Toothpaste For Healthy Teeth And Gums
7 herbs Kuril Islands
Natural components of Kamchatka natural toothpaste carefully and delicately clean, efficiently and gently bleach. Included in the minerals and natural phytoExtracts strengthen and restore tooth enamel, while maintaining its health.
Kuril tea prevents inflammatory processes, strengthening the gums.
Cedar elfin effectively fighting the spread of bacteria in the mouth, freshens breath.
Far lemongrass - a natural antiseptic, it prevents the development of caries and effectively freshens breath.
Daurskiy hawthorn and bentgrass provide delicate cleansing, fresh breath and healthy gums.
A wild yatsubike more than 30% consists of fatty Oils, saponins and vitamin C, which effectively reinforce and nourish gums.
Asian plantain has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the gums, helping to eliminate bleeding.
Allantoin promotes regeneration and fast healing of the gums.
Zinc (Zn) to disinfect the mouth and freshens breath, reduces the sensitivity of the enamel.
The patented molecule Physcool, obtained from the leaves of peppermint, provides a long lasting feeling of freshness.

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