Natura Siberica by Alena Akhmadullina Bath Foam "Energy and tone of skin" 550ml


Bubble Bath "Energy And Skin Tone"
The foam bath based on natural Extracts and Oils of plants of Siberia forms a thick silky foam which perfectly cleanses and tones the skin, restores, fills the vitality and energy.
Extract of lemongrass and ginger Nanai saturate the skin with vitamins and trace elements, enhancing skin tone and protective properties.
Extract cladonia snow thanks to the high content of unique usnic acid promotes active regeneration of cells slows down the aging processes, restores skin elasticity.
The organic Extracts of calendula and lemon balm have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, soothe the skin and normalize the sebaceous glands.
Raspberry Seed Oil nourishes and revitalizes the skin, softness and smoothness.
Extracts of ginseng and Rhodiola rosea improves blood circulation, improving skin elasticity.
Damask rose Extract moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and silky.

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