Natura Siberica Crazy Dessert "Hot Berry" Thick Bio-Foam Bath 450ml


"Hot Berry" Thick Bio-Foam Bath
Succulence of wild berries and the incredible power of the taiga forests have combined all its power in the thick BIO-FOAM, which gives an incredible boost of energy and vitamins skin, lifting the mood. Active natural foam components moisturize and tone the skin, making it a beautiful and young.
Grated ginger has a unique stimulating and warming effect. Inbox its constituent vitamins and amino acids care and care for the skin, nourishing and restoring it.
The berries of the Altai sea buckthorn - a real northern gold, which deeply nourishes and regenerates the skin, giving her vitamin and energy charge.
Wild Siberian Krasnik has unique tonic properties thanks to its high content of vitamin C. The skin immediately becomes smooth and radiant.
Volcanic golubika- real natural storehouse of vitamins, which moisturize the skin deeply and tenderly care for her, giving it a healthy color and silkiness.

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