Natura Siberica Frozen Limonnik Nanai Mask Energy & Power hair 120ml

Natura Siberica Frozen Limonnik Nanai Mask Energy & Power hair 120ml / 4.05oz

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Mask "Energy And Power Hair"
for weak and damaged hair
The mask, rich natural Extracts and Oils of wild plants in Siberia, charges the hair strength and vitality, stimulate the growth of strong and healthy hair, makes them soft and luxurious luster.
The Extract of Schisandra Nanai nourishes hair vitamins, tones the scalp, awakens hair follicles activating their growth.
Extracts of birch vechornytsi Siberian ginseng root and moisturize and strengthen the hair along the entire length, making them thick and strong.
Oil of cedar nuts and raspberry seed deeply nourish and restore the structure of damaged hair, facilitate combing process.
Extract of Siberian Rhodiola rosea juniper and revitalizes the scalp, have a rejuvenating and antiseptic effect, prevent dandruff.
Damask rose Extract softens the hair, making them smooth and docile.
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