Natura Siberica Laboratoria Sakhalin Cloudberry Illuminating Skin Mask 100ml


Bio-active face mask instant radiance skin.
Intensive phytoExtract organic Sakhalin cloudberries, patented complex of rejuvenating SabiWhite, antioxidant vitamin C, plant collagen, provitamin B5, 100% active polysaccharides, 3% glycolic acid.
Challenge skin imperfections! Bio-active face mask improves the quality of the skin, restores its attractive shiny appearance, smoothes texture and has a strong renewing action. Its basis is an intense phytoExtract Sakhalin cloudberry, rich in antioxidants and natural acids in combination with innovative high-level advanced components. Regular use of the mask effectively eliminates the traces of imperfections, evens out skin tone and fills an attractive glow.

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