Natura Siberica Oblepikha Vivid Oil Multi-Purpose 100ml


Vivid Oblepikha Oil Multi-Purpose
100% organic
improves condition of hair and scalp
helps enhance firmness and elasticity of skin, eliminates age and mimic wrinkles, and stimulates collagen production
prevents skin inflammation, has a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action
repairs skin damaged as a result of sun or chemical burns
help nourish and soften skin, reliably protecting it from moisture loss
eliminates pigmentation on face and body skin
Oblepikha Siberica unique sea-buckthorn Oil is suitable for taking care of body, face and hair. The Oil is produced by cold press from selected sea-buckthorn berries harvested in Kluchevsk region of Altai krai. The Oil contains fatty acids omega 3, 6, 9 in high concentration and the rare omega 7 fatty acid, which can usually be found in plants. Concentration of vitamin C in sea-buckthorn Oil is 15 times higher than in oranges. It has softening, protective, moisturizing, antioxidant, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties.

0% SLS 0% SLES

0% Mineral Oils 0% PEG

0% Parabens 0% Glycols


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