Natura Siberica Sakhalin Strengthening Hair Conditioner 250ml


On the basis of the Sakhalin wild rose and Siberian ginseng
Strengthening hair conditioner does not weigh down the hair, giving them gentle care and enhanced nutrition, effectively stops the loss, gives natural strength and luxurious luster, facilitates combing and styling. Sakhalin rose, rich in vitamins rare nourishes and restores the hair from the inside, making it smooth and elastic. Siberian ginseng - a powerful natural antioxidant, has a tonic effect, activating the growth of strong and healthy hair. Extracts vechornytsi and bentgrass Siberian saturated with moisture the hair, protecting them from the negative effects of UV rays and termoukladki.
Instantly: hair shining and more dense to the touch.
After 2 weeks: strong hair, thick and shiny.

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