Natura Siberica Renew Lifting Face Serum 30ml

Natura Siberica Renew Lifting Face Serum 30ml

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Renew Lifting Face Serum
Organic lavender water, hyaluronic acid, polyglicerides, organic jojoba Oil and vitamin E
Organic lavender watersoftens, soothes and restores skin balance.
Hyaluronic acidmoisturizes deeply, helping in skin cells recovery process.
Organic jojoba Oil stimulates the production of elastin, making skin soft and supple.
Vitamin Eis a powerful antioxidant that protects cells against aging and restores skin, leaving it supple and elastic. 0% silicones 0% BHT-BHA
0% mineral Oil 0% PEG
0% parabens 0% EDTA
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