Splat Special Toothpaste GINGER 75ml

Splat Special Toothpaste GINGER 75ml / 2.53oz

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This warming toothpaste provides the enveloping effect of warmth and complex oral cavity care. Ginger root oil stimulates improvement of blood circulation in the oral cavity and takes care of gum health. Zinc gluconate has an astringent and antibacterial effect, and in combination with the extract of sea buckthorn berries it helps to prevent inflammation of the oral cavity. A complex of the natural enzyme papain, natural antiseptic thymol and the component Polydon® splits plaque, helps to eliminate coloring substances from the dental surface and keeps your breath fresh for long. This toothpaste ensures effective prevention of oral cavity inflammation, protects against the formation of plaque and bad breath. With the tart taste of spicy ginger.
SLS, triclosan, chlorhexidine, saccharinate, peroxides, Fluorine-free
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