Splat Special Toothpaste ZERO BALANCE 75ml

Splat Special Toothpaste ZERO BALANCE 75ml / 2.53oz

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Hypoallergenic toothpaste designed to prevent caries and keep the breath pure. The first hypoallergenic toothpaste without flavorings, coloring agents or preservatives for protection against caries and keeping breath fresh. This transparent gel toothpaste was designed specifically for use with homeopathic remedies; also for people who cannot use products with essential oils and flavorings for various reasons. Contains a large number of natural antiseptics blocking the growth of pathogenic bacteria causing caries and periodontitis. Due to perilla seed extracts and silver ions, this toothpaste keeps your breath fresh for a long time. There are no mint ingredients in the composition
Flavorings and essential oils, coloring agents, preservatives, parabens, surfactants, triclosan, chlorhexidine, synthetic sweeteners, phosphates, aluminum compounds, Fluorine-free.
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