Organic People & Fruit Fabric Conditioner Organic Watermelon 1500ml

Organic People Fabric Conditioner Organic Watermelon 1500ml / 50.72oz

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Eco-conditioner with organic watermelon is a safe remedy, which gives the linen an unusual softness and a natural, fresh aroma of watermelon. Contains active plant components that penetrate the tissue structure, protect against fading and premature wear of clothing. Ease the ironing process and reduce the occurrence of static electricity. Incredibly gentle care of underwear and your health. Unlike classical household chemistry does not have harmful effects on the skin.
96% of natural ingredients
contains an organic extract of watermelon, which gives the fibers of the fabric a natural softness
facilitates ironing and antistatic effect
gives the fabric a fresh and natural aroma
Does NOT contain hazardous chemicals: parabens, SLS and SLES, EDTA and NTA, Petroleum products, Phosphates, Phthalates, Phenols, Sulphates, Formaldehyde, Chlorine.
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