MIXIT Amaranth Oil Elixir 55ml

MIXIT Amaranth Oil Elixir 55ml

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Skin of any type needs the right combination of micronutrients, which provides intensive basic nutrition: this is the starting point for its health inside and out. Amaranth Oil Elixir Oleo Facial Serum with Amaranth Oil is a comprehensive approach to saturating the skin with essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins D, B, vitamins A, E and F. In addition to many nutrients, amaranth oil has a high concentration of squalene - natural component of the skin, responsible for its protection, hydration and oxygenation. Amaranth Oil Elixir serum also contains macadamia oil, tonic antioxidant rosemary extract and is a powerful prevention of premature skin aging: a balanced nutritional complex promotes active cell regeneration and normalization of all metabolic processes. Nourish your skin properly, and it will respond to you with a healthy, happy glow for a long time!
Vitamin F is unsaturated fatty acids - linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic, combined under one name - from the English fat, which means fat. These substances are irreplaceable: they are simply necessary for our life. The main acid is linoleic: if it is in ...
Vitamin E is a group of fat-soluble biologically active substances (tocopherols and tocotrienols) that exhibit antioxidant properties.
Macadamia, soybean, amaranth vegetable oils, rosemary plant extract, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, ascorbyl tetra 2-hexyldecanoate, vitamins F, E, A, perfume composition
Serum Amaranth Oil Elixir is suitable for all skin types and is intended for daily use. In order to ensure peace of mind for the freshness and beauty of the face all day long, simply distribute 3-4 drops of the product on pre-cleansed skin: the light oily texture of the serum leaves no oily sheen at all and is absorbed in a couple of seconds. After applying it, you can use your favorite moisturizer or protective cream and apply makeup.

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