Aging Intervention MitoVitan Activ SkQ1 Skulachev Ion Serum 30ml

MitoVitan Activ SkQ1 Skulachev Ion Serum 30ml

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6.2 mcg/ml
Innovative rejuvenating serum of interventional action on the basis of Ionov Skulacheva®-MitoVitan was developed at the MVLomonosov Moscow State University with the support of the innovative company Mitoteh.
Intervention (Latin interventio - intervention) is the only way to stop the biological aging program laid down in our genes. Under the action of this program in the cellular power stations - mitochondria with age, the production of free radicals - active forms of oxygen, which damage all cellular structures and cause aging of the skin and the entire body, increases. The peculiarity of this serum is its ability to interrupt the aging process at the cellular level and to maintain the youthfulness of the skin. The main active substance of Mitovitan serum, which allows to interrupt the skin aging process, is the innovative antioxidant directed action SkQ1, which belongs to a new class of active substances - Ionam Skulacheva. SkQ1 was developed at Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov under the guidance of Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.P. Skulacheva. Many years of scientific and clinical research have shown that Skulachev's ions slow down, stop or reverse the development of many signs of aging.
Due to the vegetable components included in the composition, Mitovitan serum also has an immediate rejuvenating effect: it smooths wrinkles, restores the natural water balance and elasticity of the skin. Daily use of serum Mitovitan prevents the formation of deep and facial wrinkles, reduces the visibility of existing ones, protects the skin from external stimuli and activates regeneration processes. Due to the serum of Mitovitan, the general condition of the skin, its moisture saturation and elasticity is improved.
Our project is built around the concept of genetically programmed aging.
Skulachev ions project (or SkQ project) is a coordinated effort to develop a pharmaceutical intervention that would able to slow down or even stop the execution of aging program in human organism. Our goal is to prolong the health span - period of healthy, productive and happy living. There is a lot of data indicating that the process of biological aging is mediated by reactive oxygen species (ROS), generated in the most important cellular organelle – mitochondrion. We based our work on the assumption that a controlled decrease in mitochondrial ROS production may result in deceleration of aging and at the same time may help with treatment of various age-related diseases.
We have created a potent mitochondrially targeted antioxidant SkQ1 to counter excess of mitochondrial ROS and developed several pharmaceutical formulations based on this active compound.
The project is based Moscow State University and operated by the university spin-off company Mitotech. Many laboratories, CROs, clinical hospitals in Russia, US, EU, Australia and other countries participate in the research and development of SkQ-based pharmaceuticals.
At the turn of 1960-1970s, in 1969 V.Skulachev and his Moscow State University (MSU) colleagues, in collaboration with Prof. Yefim Liberman’s team (USSR Academy of science) were verifying the chemiosmotic hypothesis proposed by Dr. Peter Mitchell (Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, 1978) who postulated the existence of electric potential difference across the mitochondrial membrane. The results of their work (published in Nature, 1969, 222, 1076-8) suggested that some compounds - lipophilic cations (phosphonium ions for instance) – can be targeted to mitochondria due to the electric field on the mitochondrial membrane as the mitochondrion has a negative charge inside. Those scientists developed a general approach that led to synthesis of hydrophobic ions capable of penetrating mitochondrial membrane.
Mitochondria are well known to be organelles present in practically every eukaryotic cell. Mitochondria can be called the power stations of living cells. Inside mitochondria the electric potential formed by respiratory chain enzymes through oxidative degradatio


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