Aging Intervention MitoVitan Activ SkQ1 Skulachev Ion Solo 8ml

MitoVitan Activ SkQ1 Skulachev Ion Solo 8ml

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MitoVitan Active* contains the unique substance – SkQ1 which, being a highly efficient antioxidant, is able to penetrate into the cells and condensate in areas of elevated formation of reactive oxygen species and free radicals – in mitochondria. This makes it 1000 times more effective than Coenzyme Q10.
Just add MitoVitan Active concentrate to your favorite cosmetics right before the application**. This allows using all the powers of targeted antioxidant SkQ1 to your preferred way of treating your skin.
The unique substance SkQ1, is effective in any place, where it is necessary to fight the aging program. You can use MitoVitan Active to treat your face, neck and decollate areas, for your head and body. You can use MitoVitan Active permanently or temporally. Recommended cure is three months.
SkQ1 has been developed in Moscow State University in group of Professor V. Skulachev. Long-term scientific and clinical studies have shown that SkQ1 slow down, stop or reverse the progression of many traits of aging. The unique feature of extremely effective antioxidant SkQ1, is the ability to penetrate into cells and to accumulate directly in the place of free radicals formation – in the mitochondria.
Aftermarket independent study revealed a robust effect of the serum to act as a primer that extends and sustains the wear of makeup during the day. Furthermore, the serum perfects the structure of the skin making it look flawless and velvet day after day.
* MitoVitan Active (concentrate) contains in 20 times more active substance (SkQ1) than serum MitoVitan
** We do not recommend to combine Concentrate with alkaline (also weakly alkaline) cosmetics (pH value higher than 7), as in this environment the SkQ1 molecule is least stable. These may include, for example, shampoos. If this case we recommend to add MitoVitan Active to the hair balm (which as a rule has pH value lower than 7) or use a pH-neutral or low pH shampoo.
Recipe 1. For thicker cosmetics
You can use any of your basic cosmetic for face (including eyes area) and body skin. Preparation: mix one or two drops of MitoVitan Active with one milliliter (one measuring Mito-spoon) of your cosmetics (serum, cream, Oil). Thoroughly combine the mixture in Mito-jar until smooth.
Application: apply mixture on clean face and neck skin with light patting along the massage lines. We recommend the application with “finger-rain” – this will relax the muscles and normalize the blood cycling. You can make a larger portion for your comfort using same proportions: 1-2 drops of MitoVitan Active to one measuring Mito-spoon.
IMPORTANT: please, store the ready-made mixture no longer than two weeks.
Recipe 2: For thinner cosmetics.
You can use any of your favorite face, body or head basic care cosmetics. Preparation: Mix 10 ml (1/2 of Mito-jar) of your favorite cosmetic with 10 drops of MitoVitan Active. Thoroughly mix the closed Mito-jar within 20 seconds until smooth.
Application: Apply the mixture as recommended by your basic care cosmetic manual. MitoVitan Active is water-based, that is why you may experience some difficulty in mixing it with cosmetic Oils. In this case, you may need to shake the mixture well right before the application. As a result, a suspention of tiny bubbles of Concentrate appear in the mixture, which you need as soon as possible apply to your skin. We do not recommend to store such mixtures.
IMPORTANT: we do not recommend to store the ready-made mixtures longer than two weeks (with the exception of Oil cosmetics). Terms of storage: keep in dark place under + 15 to + 25 ?C.
At the turn of 1960-1970s, in 1969 V.Skulachev and his Moscow State University (MSU) colleagues, in collaboration with Prof. Yefim Liberman’s team (USSR Academy of science) were verifying the chemiosmotic hypothesis proposed by Dr. Peter Mitchell (Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, 1978) who postulated the existence of electric potential difference across the mitochondrial membrane. The results of their work (published in Nature, 1969, 222, 1076-8) suggested that some compounds - lipophilic cations (phosphonium ions for instance) – can be targeted to mitochondria due to the electric field on the mitochondrial membrane as the mitochondrion has a negative charge inside. Those scientists developed a general approach that led to synthesis of hydrophobic ions capable of penetrating mitochondrial membrane.
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