Natura Siberica White Cedar Hair Care Kit


Luxury hair care kit for all hair types
The set includes;
Copenhagen White Cedar volume shampoo,for all hair types 250ml This volumizing shampoo carefully cleans and moisturizes hair, enhancing elasticity and volume. White cedar contains vitamins, amino acids and microelements essential for more strong and healthy hair.
Copenhagen White Cedar volume conditioner, for all hair types250ml  White cedar conditioner cares for your hair, volumizing and leaving it shiny and easy to brush. Vitamins, amino acids and microelements which form the core of this conditioner provide extra care for beauty of your hair.
Copenhagen White Cedar volume hair mask, for all hair types 200ml “White cedar” mask helps to nourish and strengthen hair, giving it elasticity, volume and lift, as well as helping to remove static electricity to make brushing easier.