BioBeauty Lady Royal Photo-Protective Cream SPF30 50ml


INCI: distilled water, water extract salmon milk, zinc oxide, oils: almond, coconut, sesame; lecithin, lecithin, titanium dioxide, lanolin, bearberry extract, shea butter, magnolia vine, water extract of rose petals of Sudan, avalanche, carrot seed oil, raspberry oil, sea salt, betaine, urea, perfume, ascorbic acid, rose essential oil , tocopherol acetate, essential oil of neroli, folic acid, germal plus liquid.

Active components:extracts: DNA gel (water fraction of DNA extracted from salmon roe), extracts: bearberry, lemongrass of Chinese, Sudanese rose; carrot seed oil, raspberry seed oil, dihydroquercetin, betaine, urea; essential oils: roses, neroli; vitamins B9 and C, microelement Zn

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