BioBeauty Aqua Skin Fresh Eye Sculpting mask 35ml


Sculpting mask Aqua skin fresh helps to instantly moisturize the skin around the eyes, eliminate swelling and bruising under the eyes. The natural mask will make the look radiant, fresh and rested. Sculpting mask Aqua skin frash fills the skin around the eyes with vitamins. The mask should be applied only to the cleansed skin, so before using it, we recommend using a bioremediation that will remove dirt and dust and prevent them from penetrating deeply into the skin.

INCI: mediagel, water distilled, cocoa butter, shea butter, aqueous extracts of clary muscat, blackberry, raspberry, glycerol, bentonite, sodium alginate, beeswax, d-panthenol, caprylic / capric triglycerides, lavitol, xanthan gum, guar gum, urea, dimethicone, perfume, essential oil of clary muscat, zeolite, sea salt, hyaluronic acid, essential oil of neroli, essential oil of patchouli, CO2 extract of magnolia vine, zinc sulphate, vitamins A and E, germanone K.

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