Natura Siberica Caviar Expert Comprehensive Care for Eyes and Lips 3-In-1 Anti-Age


Comprehensive care for the eye and lip 3-in-1 ANTI-AGE
erases traces of fatigue
improves complexion
Multifunctional set of 3 tools for the care area around the eyes and lips
The area around the eyes and lips - the most delicate, that it gives age. Natura Siberica represents innovation - Skin care system eyelids 3 in 1, a unique combination of three anti visible signs of aging - lifting eyelids - erasing fine lines - strengthening the contour of eyes and lips - a decrease otechnosti- reduction of dark circles - glowing skin.
Step 1: Firming lifting gel for the area around the eyes and lips
An innovative firming and lifting gel for the area around the eyes and lips with a melting texture. It takes care of the delicate skin of eyelids and lips contour, has a complex effect: smooths wrinkles, strengthens eyelid skin and visibly reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, making it look incredibly rested and radiant. Reduces vertical wrinkles above the lips. The skin instantly firmer, shines the energy of youth.
Step 2. Regenerating night balm around the eyes and lips
Intensive night balm specifically combats signs of aging of the two most sensitive areas - eyes and lips contour that are most able to show your age. It provides pronounced draining effect against swelling and reduces dark circles under the eyes. As a result of the area around the eyes and lips visibly smoother and gets rested and healthy.
Step 3: Express-corrector for the eye area wrinkles
Express Wrinkle Corrector provides the skin around the eyes flawless and efficient care. Shining texture universal shade of cream, thanks to 3D pigments - "Chameleon", operates in tandem with active components, significantly reducing the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, masks the small wrinkles, instantly making it look brighter and more expressive.
0% Silicones 0% BHT-BHA
0% mineral Oil 0% PEG
0% parabens 0% of EDTA

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