Natura Siberica Caviar Intensive Anti-Aging Extract Anti-Age 3mlx10


Intensive Rejuvenating Caviar Extract From Black Anti-Age
Complex anti-aging agent, acts specifically on all layers of the skin and provides its profound renewal and rejuvenation. PrINCIple of operation - a multipurpose combat cellular aging skin: regeneration, revitalization, restoration of the structure, the fight against wrinkles, elasticity recovery, anti-oxidative effect, hydration and radiance.
Active ingredients:
- A concentrated Extract of black caviar (beluga, sturgeon and stellate sturgeon) is rich in proteins and collagen, minerals and vitamins, thereby effectively preventing the aging process, restores damaged skin, stimulates the production of collagen.
- Collagen caviar retain moisture in the epidermis level, improving skin tone and elasticity.
- Golden peptides (amino acid complex with colloidal gold) activates the synthesis of collagen, stimulates cell metabolism and regenerates the skin.
- Active complex peptidovSyn - Coll (serum 3%) stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin structure and protects it from degradation by enzymes in the future.
Proven effectiveness *: smoothing the skin relief by 12%.
-Polipeptid Syn -Ake (serum 4%) smoothes the skin and combats facial wrinkles.
0% Silicones 0% BHT-BHA
0% mineral Oil 0% PEG
0% parabens 0% of EDTA
Proven effectiveness *: reduction in the depth of wrinkles by 52%.
-Vitamin complex consisting of black caviar (A, E, D, F and K) supports the skin's protective barrier and compensate for the harmful external influences, accelerating the aging process.

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