Zolotoy Shelk Scalp peeling lotion AHA + BHA acids 100ml
  • Zolotoy Shelk Scalp peeling lotion AHA + BHA acids 100ml

Zolotoy Shelk Scalp peeling lotion AHA + BHA acids 100ml

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The leave-in peeling lotion is specially formulated to gently and effectively cleanse the scalp without irritation or dryness. It contains a combination of AHA and BHA acids, which exfoliate dead cells, dissolve sebaceous "plugs" in the pores, and prevent excessive oiliness at the hair roots. In addition, it contains B vitamins (biotin, niacinamide, panthenol), which help to reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands and reduce itching.

in the composition of AHA and BHA acids, niacinamide, panthenol, biotin
provides deep cleansing
eliminates itching and soothes the scalp

The Peel Scalp treatment program effectively exfoliates and cleanses the skin, freeing hair follicles from keratinized particles and promoting natural hair growth.

Australian lime extract, rich in ANA acids, acts as a peeling and exfoliates dead skin cells.

Salicylic acid cleans pores from accumulated sebum, prevents oily scalp.

Niacinamide (niacin amide, nicotinamide, vitamin PP, vitamin B3) accelerates cell renewal and stimulates cell regeneration, soothes irritations on the scalp. Stimulates the metabolism of the hair follicle and provides nourishment to the follicles, which contributes to the active growth of new hair.

Biotin normalizes the sebaceous glands. This helps to reduce the oiliness of the scalp and thus prevent clogged pores that interfere with hair growth. Also makes hair shiny and silky.

Panthenol, also known as provitamin B5, restores moisture balance, soothes the skin, and helps heal damage.

The convenient "nose" of the spray allows you to apply the product to the scalp quickly and easily.

Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Betaine, Propylene Glycol, Salicylic Acid (BHA Acid), Menthol, Microcitrus Australasica Fruit Extract (AHA Acid), Emblica Officinalis Fruit, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Butylene Glycol, Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein, Fomes Officinalis (Mushroom) Extract, Pyridoxine, Niacinamide, Panthenol, Allantoin, Threonine, Biotin, Triethanolamine, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Parfum, Hexyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Salicylate, Geraniol, Benzyl Alcohol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tocopherol.

Apply to clean scalp. Parting your hair, apply the lotion directly to the scalp using a convenient spray nozzle. Massage lightly, do not rinse. Use after every hair wash or as needed.

Avoid contact with eyes. Individual intolerance to the components is possible. Not recommended for scalp injuries.


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