Natura Siberica Wild Rejuvenating Hand Cream-Balm 75ml

Natura Siberica Wild Rejuvenating Hand Cream-Balm 75ml

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Anti-aging cream-balm for hands
Wild grass Sagan Daile
Wild grass Sagan Daile - a unique medicinal plant Siberia grows in the high rocky slopes of Buryatia and the Far East. The local Buryat people call it "grass-prolonging life." Shamans use it to prolong life and health, cure almost any disease, empowerment and entering into a trance. Buryat hunters use this plant in their distant taiga hikes. They are only one leaf Sagan Daile to recharge your batteries for the day.
Rejuvenating Cream-balm for hands has been specially designed for mature skin of hands. Essential Oil contains valuable Sagan Daile ursolic and oleanolic acid, can enhance the renewal and rejuvenation

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