Natura Siberica Wild Softening Foot Cream Wild Siberian Iris 75ml

Natura Siberica Wild Softening Foot Cream Wild Siberian Iris 75ml

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Natura Siberica uses the oil of wild Siberian iris, which grows in the harsh conditions of the Siberian taiga. With its amazing effect on the skin, this delicate flower is due to the high content of fatty acids and proteins, giving it energy and strength to survive in the snowy frosty winter and short summer. Softening Foot Cream Wild Siberian Iris is light and velvety, like petals of iris, creates a feeling of comfort for the whole day. Included in the extract of iris fatty acids, restore the elasticity of the skin, and proteins nourish and protect against dryness. Apply a small amount of cream to the clean, dry skin of the legs with light massaging movements until completely absorbed.

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