Natura Siberica Wild Moisturizing Hand Cream 75ml

Natura Siberica Wild Moisturizing Hand Cream 75ml / 2.53oz

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Moisturizer for hands
Wild Arctic Rose
Wild Arctic Rose grows from the mountainous part of Taimyr Arctic to the deserts of North Earth under ideal environmental conditions. In the struggle for existence, it has acquired a unique ability - to produce their own heat. Under its influence the snow around her melts, saturated with water, which carefully preserves the flower in their leaves before the drought. This is an amazing property of the Arctic Rose provides effective humidification even the driest skin.
Moisturizer arctic wild rose, rich in vitamins, deeply moisturizes the delicate skin of the hands and improves its ability to retain moisture, preventing premature aging. Included in the aminopeptidy cream reduced skin elasticity, makes it soft and velvety.
Purposes of Application
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