Natura Siberica Wild Super-Restoring Mask Tuvan Yak Milk 180ml

Natura Siberica Wild Super-Restoring Mask Tuvan Yak Milk 180ml / 6.08oz

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Super-Restoring Mask Tuvan Yak Milk (Moose milk)
Organic milk Tuvan yak, wheat germ Oil, wild honey, organic burdock Extract Sagan Daile, nettle seed Oil
Super-restoring mask for hair prepared to Tuvan yak milk and Extracts of wild Siberian herbs Oils. Dense, rich, rich in proteins and sugar, milk Tuvan yak twice fatter than cow's milk, its nutrients to strengthen and soften hair, renew and refresh the skin. Enriched with vitamins, which was originally incorporated in the grain for the resumption of a new life, wheat germ Oil will rejuvenate very dry and brittle hair. Assembled by hand the natural wild honey hair will charge energy swarm. Burdock Oil helps restore the metabolism and accelerate the growth of hair. Extract Sagan Daile, flower shamans and ancient warriors, it has a strong tonic and healing effects. Oil nettle seeds give the hair shine and volume.
After several applications hair become soft and elastic, strong and healthy, shiny and beautiful.
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