Natura Siberica Wild Thick Tibetan Soap Hair & Body 180ml


Thick Tibetan Soap For Hair And Body
Saponification Oil of cedar, an Extract of gypsophila Tibetan, golden root Oil, ektrakt amly, organic Oil Tangut lemongrass, cedar heather
Thick Tibetan soap for hair and body prepared to twelve wild herbs. Tibetan Gypsophila Extract, wild, wayward, alpine, medicinal herbs smooth out and soften the hair and skin. Rich in vitamin E, a natural cedar saponified Oil moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. Oil golden root, which was in ancient times the expedition fitted out - has a unique tonic effect. The active ingredients of the Extract amly, acting directly on the hair roots, actively contribute to their rapid growth. Sacred Tibet, amla and useful for skin: Vitamin C in it thirty times more than oranges. Organic Oil Tangut lemongrass has a strong restorative effect and pine heath - soothing.
Thick Tibetan soap will charge the hair and skin with energy and power of wild herbs.

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