Natura Siberica Crazy Animals Foot Bio-Cream "Nordic Boots" 75ml

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Bio-Cream For Feet "North Boots"
Warming BIO-CREAM FOR FEET lovingly caring for the feet skin, giving a relaxing comfort and care of the northern fur boots.
Natural components of this warm-up cream relax and relieve tired legs, and vitamins and antioxidants monitor the health of the skin.
The white vast snowy expanses and sparse taiga plants joined their power to preserve the health and strength.
Nature of the Far North has presented a valuable gift - a velvety moss - a favorite delicacy of reindeers. It softens and nourishes the skin, leaving it incredibly soft and smooth.
Extremely resistant to temperature extremes wild centaury, due to the high content of vitamins, effectively protects the skin, contributing to its renewal.
White cedar is an inexhaustible source of organic vitamin E Oil and R. This makes it instantly soothes and regenerates the skin, protecting it from dryness.
Due to extremely high content of magnesium and B vitamins, Sakhalin butterbur effectively renews skin of the legs, preventing the formation of corns.
Horse chestnut Extract is well known as a natural source of essential Oils and vitamin C. It fights fatigue legs, giving them the ease

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