Natura Siberica Crazy Dessert "Cranberry Cream" Body Bio-Cream 450ml

5,32 $

"Cranberries With Cream" Bio-Body Cream
Juicy wild berries and delicate air cream a real treat for the body, which gives you this amazing BIO-CREAM. Its natural ingredients deeply nourish the skin, giving her tenderness and beauty.
Milk Tuvan yak real storehouse of fat and nutrients to restore and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it smooth and moisturized.
Juice wild taiga cranberries rich source of vitamins and nutrients that moisturize the skin, giving it tone and radiance.
A decoction of the flowers of white rose hips always helped preserve and enhance the health and strength of the northern peoples. Due to the high content of essential Oils, it deeply nourishes the skin, gently and delicately renews her, bestowing youth and beauty.

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