Natura Siberica Crazy Dessert "Lemongrass On Cedar" Thick Body Bio-Butter 450ml

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"Lemongrass At Cedars" Thick Bio-Butter For Body
Juicy and bright aroma of lemongrass and all the strength and power of the ancient cedar give their power and favor densely BIO-Oils that gently cares for the skin, while maintaining and enhancing its beauty. Natural active components of Oil tones and firms, worrying about body image.
Nanai lemongrass - the main northern source of beauty. Due to higher content of vitamins, it effectively tightens and tones the skin, giving it elasticity.
Siberian cedar Oil, rich in vitamins A, E, D, deeply nourishes and regenerates the skin, leaving it smooth and young.
White angelika- secret young women in the northern tribes. It is an inexhaustible source of essential Oils and antioxidants, which tones and firms the skin, restoring its healthy glow and smoothness.

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